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Combining strategy games and facilitation for collaborative dialogue

Our mission is to inspire transformative change by facilitating inclusive dialogue and empowering people to take better informed action.

What makes us special

We offer a systems-thinking and human-centered design based approach to tackle planetary crises.

> We believe in the power of changing perspectives to develop empathy for other views and needs. Our strategy games reflect real-world complexities and incorporate multiple stakeholders’ perspectives.

> We engage stakeholders in an evolving process of exploration and adaptation until robust solutions emerge. Our games help to make the consequences of decisions visible and show the long-term impacts.

> We create safe spaces to explore pathways to change. Because our games are more than just games.


"What struck me most was the effectiveness of the strategy game. There was a marked shift in the positions of several players over the course of the game as scenarios and conversations evolved. In the post-game discussions it was apparent that the gaming encouraged reflection on motivations and actions taken during the game and what counterfactual scenarios could have been pursued."
Trees for Life | Rewilding the Scottish Highlands
“Playing the palm oil game was a real eye-opener for me. It became clear that it is so easy to get the perspective of a small-small holder very fast, like it would for every role one plays. Playing such a game can achieve a lot of understanding of different perspectives in a short time.”
Marten de Groot
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
“In the beginning the game was just a game to me, but further into the dynamics, I suddenly realised that actually it represents the reality, and it was then when I realised how useful it is to talk and learn about the challenges we face in our supply chain.”
Commodity producer
Consultation Cameroon
“The game helped me to see that we as producers can be part of the decision-making process, and that collectively we can actually make a difference. The experience of the game empowered me to raise my voice. It was a transformatory experience.”
Cocoa producer
Consultation Cameroon

We support our partners on topics like multi-acteur engagement, supply chain sustainability, natural resource management, landscape dialogue, strategic planning and team building.


LEAF implements projects and runs workshops all over the world.

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