Experience the complexities of palm oil production and trading

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Supply chains are complex systems and interactions between companies in the supply chain often determine environmental, social and economic outcomes for all.

The CoPalCam game reflects how interactions between producers, mills, traders and retailers have ripple effects under different policy and market scenarios. 

We invite you to

> step into the shoes of a small palm oil producer

> interact with traders, retailers and policy makers collaborate with others to prosper

You will

> experience the complexity of trading palm oil

> better understand the bigger picture

> explore solutions to change the system

Together we

> reflect on similarities and differences between the supply chain for palm oil and the one you operate in

> translate your insights from the game into ways in which you can unlock space for positive change

How We Are Using It

Although originally developed for the Cameroon context, we have found that CoPalCam is useful to work with stakeholders in other contexts as well.

We have used it in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Uganda to talk about rubber, cocoa and palm oil supply chains and with sustainability practitioners as well as with consumers in Europe. Professionals from processing industries have experienced AHA-moments and Scottish conservationists could link it to challenges they face with local communities in Scotland.

We use CoPalCam in short game sessions to inspire and raise awareness about the challenges in supply chains.

We have integrated it in 3 days workshop to create a shared understanding, facilitate inclusive dialogue and use it as a tool to explore new propositions. 


6-20 participants per group

We can facilitate multiple groups in parallel.


3 hours game session including a debriefing

1 day workshop if combined with a strategic conversation

Target audience

From government officials over high-school students, sustainability experts, industrial players and local commodity producers.

We facilitate in French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese.


“Playing the palm oil game was a real eye-opener for me. It became clear that it is so easy to get the perspective of a small-small holder very fast, like it would for every role one plays. Playing such a game can achieve a lot of understanding of different perspectives in a short time.”
Marten de Groot
“I used to be sceptical about landscape approaches. But after having played CoPalCam, I start to see why looking at landscape level dynamics might make sense.”
Barry Callebaut
“We were so immersed in our tasks that we forget to think about the social and environmental impacts of the product we dealt with. If this happens in a game setting, it makes me think about my blindfoldedness in my daily work”
Barry Callebaut
“The game helped me to see that we as producers can be part of the decision-making process, and that collectively we can actually make a difference. The experience of the game empowered me to raise my voice. It was a transformatory experience.”
Cocoa Producer
Consultation Cameroon


Selected partners who have played CoPalCam


You can find here scientific publications, articles, videos and blogs about our approach, our methods and our projects.

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