Small islands - reconcile conservation & development


Dukunu Mole

Small Island LAndscape Management Game


The Dukunu Mole game explores key challenges in small island landscape management in Sao Tomé and Principe.

Raise Awareness

One of the principal objectives of the game is to raise awareness about the environmental issues faced by the island.


One other objective is to explore alternative development pathways.


During this game it is very important to reconcile growth and conservation.


How We Are Using It

We have developed the Dukunu Mole game in partnership with Birdlife in Sao Tomé. We followed a Companion Modelling approach to co-create the conceptual model together with key stakeholders and the Birdlife team, which we then translated into a straetgy game. The game was tested and validated in a serious of game sessions with local stakeholders. 

It served to identify key challenges in landscape management and informed Birdlife in better planning targeted action to reach most impact.


Key partners who have developed Dukunu Mole


You can find here scientific publications, articles, videos and blogs about our approach, our methods and our projects.

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