Our Games

We invite you to explore the different off-the-shelf games that we offer. We are looking forward to discuss with you how they can be applied to your context and needs.

We also design new games tailored to your context. Reach out to discuss your ideas.

Main Games

CoPalCam | Resilience of a supply chain

Developed for the palm oil supply chain in Central Africa, this games explores how the palm oil supply chain operates, which players are involved, and what their needs and interests are.

MineSet | Strategies and drivers of change in a Forest Landscape

A game about interactions between mining and logging in Central Africa, designing strategies and forging alliances to shape landscapes across decades.

Planet C - Play Again? | Collective Action

A tragedy of the commons game with a twist that explores the challenges and levers to collective action, how to deal with divergent values on sustainability and achieve win-win outcomes.

Other Games

Agriforest/COHAB | Community Land Use & Conservation

Agriforest/COHAB is a game about village level land use decisions in Central Africa, inspiring conversations about rural development, human-wildlife interactions and community-led conservation.

Dukunu Mole | Small Island Landscape Management

Developed to reconcile conservation & development issues in São Tomé and Principe.

CamPod | Cocoa Supply Chain

Developed for the cocoa supply chain in Cameroon, this games explores the dynamics between the actors along the cocoa supply chain and the economic, social and ecological impact under different policy scenarios.

Brazilian Soy Game | Soy Supply Chain

The Brazilian Soy game explores the landscape impacts and stakeholder interactions along the soy supply chain under different policy scenarios.


Our work is based on scientifc evidence and years of research and development.

You can find here scientific publications, articles, videos and blogs about our approach, our methods and our projects.

Interested in collaborating with us for a better future?

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