Explore, negotiate, fail, learn and evolve - shape the future of a forest landscape

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Strategies and drivers of change in a Forest Landscape


The MineSet game allows gamers playing the roles of CEOs of logging or mining companies to explore the environmental, economic and social impacts of their decisions.

The game features all the major underlying drivers of land use change in the tropics: demographics, economical and finance signals, governance and transparency, technological changes, and cultural differences.

As the game unfolds, the players discover the complexity of the system, and can devise new rules and strategies to balance development and conservation.​

We invite you to

> take over the role of CEOs of logging or mining companies

> negotiate with other stakeholders

> explore the drivers of forest landscape change

You will

> balance Environmental, Economic, and Social aspects

> grasp the Long-Term Impact of Choices

> pioneer Deforestation Solutions

Together we

> foster collaborative decision-making

> analyse bottlenecks

> discover space for positive change

How We Are Using It

We have used MineSet to support a negotiation process with FSC in the Congo Basin around Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs) and to facilitate an inclusive Landscape dialogue about forest landscape management in Gabon.


Selected partners who have played MineSet


You can find here scientific publications, articles, videos and blogs about our approach, our methods and our projects.

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