Our Mission

LEAF Inspiring Change GmbH is the result of more than eight years of research in partnership between CIRAD and ETH Zurich, during which we developed, implemented and refined the tools and methods we use to support people across the world address complex problems.

Originally developed by CIRAD and its partners INRA, the method of Companion Modelling serves as the backbone of the approach we promote. Since 2012, we have built up expertise, testing and validating our methods according to scientific standards, exploring their applicability and effectiveness in a variety of settings and localities. 

We achieved a breakthrough in summer 2017, when the Program for the Congo Basin of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) could resolve a long-standing gridlock in a negotiation between representatives of logging companies, local governments, local communities and conservation NGO through our methods.

The positive feedbacks we have received by engaging with stakeholders and the increasing demand from industry, government bodies and international institutions motivates us to offer our expertise through new more efficient and targeted channels outside the realm of academia. In doing so, we ensure the expertise of CIRAD and ETH Zürich is promoted and generates values.

What we do with LEAF Inspiring Change is radically different.

We use gaming to address real-life issues. Our games have no fixed victory conditions, giving clients the freedom to explore innovative solutions and learn from their actions. We facilitate a connection between the gaming world and reality, empowering clients to make better decisions.

What kind of problems do we address?

We address wicked problems, characterized by multiple stakeholders with conflicting perspectives, agendas, uncertainty, and opposing worldviews. These problems cannot be solved conventionally and require a unique approach. Our innovative method combines facilitation and tailored strategy games, considering stakeholder values and adaptability. By integrating people’s perceptions and scientific knowledge, we foster adaptive capabilities and engage stakeholders in an evolving process to address these complex challenges.

What we do

Our engagement assists you to effectively

Resolve existing conflicts

Reach agreements

Build collective action

Develop effective strategies

Interested in working with us for a better future?

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