Our Services

Drawing on the principles of human-centered design, behavioral insight and foresight, our approach is tailored to your needs and we align our services to your objectives.

Inspiring Exploration Session


> Game Session (3-6 hours): Immersive sessions fostering empathy and understanding of participants on a chosen topic and inspiring thinking outside the box.

Innovative Stakeholder Dialogue


> Extended Workshop (1-5 days): Utilizing strategy games to explore a system of interest, ideate solutions and develop actionable insights, while fostering inclusive dialogue among stakeholders

> Game Adaptation & Modification (1-3 months): Customizing existing games to fit your context to facilitate conversations with your stakeholders and gain insights for effective action planning.

Transformatory Engagement Process


> Participatory Modelling & Game Design (1-12 months): Participatory developing new games with key stakeholders, fostering inclusive dialogue and common understanding and leading to a tailored product to explore impacts of management options.

> Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Platforms (tbd): Employing facilitation techniques, participatory methods and strategy games to host ongoing multi-stakeholder dialogues and platforms, nurturing collaboration and common understanding over an extended period.


Every context is different, every problem is unique, yet they can often be addressed with similar tools.

Our toolbox is made of facilitation techniques and strategy games.
Together with you, we design a process that best fits your context.



Our approach hinges on facilitation, where our neutral outside voices provide structured interactions and focus on common objectives. This allows groups to effectively delve into discussions’ content. These facilitation techniques, whether employed alone or in tandem with strategic games, ensure inclusive and productive dialogue.


Strategic games​

Our array of off-the-shelf games were developed collaboratively with field stakeholders and are rooted in scientific expertise. Participants enjoy the liberty to explore novel strategies, challenge established norms, and innovate solutions within these games.


Companion Modelling

One of our core methods is the Companion Modelling (ComMod) Approach that we use for stakeholder engagement and game design. Together with you and your stakeholders, we engage in an iterative process to develop conceptual models, which are transformed into strategy games for exploration and planning.


stakeholder engagement

Successful stakeholder engagement demands clarity in communication, active involvement, inclusive decision-making, ongoing collaboration, and adaptability. Our expertise lies in weaving these elements into a cohesive process, fostering ownership, diverse perspectives, continuous dialogue, and the flexibility needed to ensure relevance and success throughout every phase of the engagement process.

Interested in collaborating with us for a better future?

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