Our Tools

Our Tools

Every context is different, every problem is unique, yet they can often be addressed with similar tools. Our toolbox is made of facilitation techniques and
strategic games. Together with you, we select the tools that best fit your context.


Facilitation is at the core of our method. By acting as neutral outside voices and bringing structure and common goals to interactions, our facilitators allow groups to focus on the content of the discussions more effectively. These facilitation techniques can be used alone or in combination with strategic games.


Strategic games

We have a variety of off-the-shelf games, designed from scientific and expert evidence. Our games give freedom to our clients to explore new strategies, break and create new rules, in their quest for innovative solutions. 


Tailored games and stakeholder engagement

Through the Companion Modelling approach (ComMod), we can tailor a game specific to your needs. This modeling process is participatory and iterative. Together with you and your stakeholders, we co-create of conceptual model to be transformed into a strategic game.

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