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We bring real life issues to the universe of gaming, as a way to address the challenges faced by our clients. Through playing, our clients and their partners/stakeholders have the opportunity to explore alternative realities. Combined with facilitation, this exploration fosters communication and inspires stakeholders to transform their strategies/decision making in the real world.

Wicked problems involve multiple stakeholders, that all disagree on what the problem is. They have conflicting agendas, there is uncertainty at many levels, opposing worldviews. These problems cannot be solved, no matter what amount of money one throws at them. They can only be addressed and most of us don’t know how…

What we do

We support our clients develop strategies and assist transformative change through the association of facilitation techniques and the use of strategy games relevant to the problems they face.

We are a team of skilled experts with transdisciplinary backgrounds and intercultural experience. We believe that engaging stakeholders and fostering dialogue is critical to find lasting solutions. Through skilled facilitation and strategy (system science) games, we empower our clients and help them make better decision.

LEAF is a spin-off by ETH Zürich. It is the result of more than eight years of research in partnership between CIRAD and ETH Zurich. Read more about us in Our Story

Projects & News


Policy development in the Congo Basin

Can you support negotiations and policy development by playing a game? Yes, and it works. For the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Congo Basin Office we facilitate a workshop of their…

What people say

“Playing the palm oil game was a real eye-opener for me. It became clear that it is so easy to get the perspective of a small-small holder very fast, like it would for every role one plays. Playing such a game can achieve a lot of understanding of different perspectives in a short time.”
Marten de Groot
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

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