Planet C – Play Again?

Because there is no Planet B...

…we invite you to a journey that takes you to explore the brakes and levers of collective action and ecological transition.

Planet C-Play Again? is a game workshop that takes you to a territory in the midst of change. You will face a seemingly simple challenge: survive, thrive, preserve. You will seek to achieve your goals in a system over which you have little control. Above all, you will not be alone. Will you succeed?

Learn about how Planet C helps you to become Architects of Change and engage the Ecological Transition.

Our aim is to make people
play & understand

You, your colleagues, your friends and families, your authorities, politicians, students, professionals – all those, who want to unlock the collective power and overcome polarisation.

Planet C is carried by a Collective of experts and an amazing community of facilitators that join forces to transform the society from within.

Find more information about Planet C, what it is
and how to participate!

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