immersive workshop to explore the barriers and levers of Collective Action & Socio-Ecological Change

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Planet C - Play Again?™

Collective Action & Socio-Ecological Transition GAME

Because there is no Planet B...​

How can collective action succeed? How can we jointly address the challenges of today’s global crises?

In a time when the fragility of our environment and polarization of our societies are painfully evident, we invite you to embark on a journey to explore these questions in an interactive manner.

Planet C-Play Again? is more than just a game. It is a dynamic workshop that takes you to an unknown landscape in the midst of change.

You will face a seemingly simple challenge:




You will be confronted with the challenges of sustainable resource management, while you learn together with the team to deal with different values, to overcome supposedly conflicting interests and to search for solutions that benefit everyone.

What are the obstacles and what are the keys to successful collective action?

After the challenges faced in the game, we build the bridge to reality in a facilitated reflection round and identify strategies and levers to initiate social change.

Experience, rethink and shape socio-ecological change through play

Planet C-Play Again? creates space for learning, team building and the development of cooperative, solution-oriented skills.

Planet C is carried by a Collective of experts and an amazing community of facilitators that join forces to transform the society from within.


6-20 participants per group

we can facilitate multiple groups in parallel


3 hours game session including a debriefing

1 day workshop if combined with a strategic conversation

Target audience

You, your colleagues, friends and families, your authorities, politicians, students, professionals – all those, who want to unlock collective power and overcome polarisation.

We facilitate in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch.


“Not in the mood for abstract discussions about the climate crisis? In the Planet C play workshop, you can try out social change in a varied, fun and yet enriching way!.”
“I am amazed how a game about ecology transformed effectively into a game about how to interpret collective intelligence.”
“A very rich experience. You come out with a deep understanding of what can happen in context of self-governance, and of the inner workings of a group.”


Selected partners who have played Planet C-Play Again?

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