Anne Dray

Anne Dray

Senior Scientist, Forest Management And Development Group, ETH Zürich

As a life-long learner, Anne never misses an opportunity for pursuing knowledge, exploring it and, above all, bringing her team onboard.

She has over 15 years of experience in applied research projects dedicated to renewable resources management and conflict resolution with a strong emphasis on community participation and engagement. She develops and uses dedicated tools to support stakeholders’ engagement such as agent-based models and role-playing games.

Anne holds a Msc in agronomy and water management in France, but her field experiences span over tropics and topics: from community groundwater management in Kiribati Republic, to coral reef conservation in Mexico and the Philippines and adoption of new technologies in farming systems in Laos…but also understanding livelihood aspirations amongst young Aborigines in peri-urban environments, analysing new policy interventions to disrupt illegal drug markets, or understanding patterns and trajectories amongst methamphetamines users in Australia.

Lately, she has developed training and teaching modules on the companion modelling approach.

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