Danny Nef

Danny Nef

Director Finances & Co-FoundeR

PhD Candidate on Transdisciplinary Research, ETH Zürich

Danny started his career in the financial industry, made a bachelor in communication and finally became an ecologist. Transdisciplinarity is his thing.

He worked for more than ten years as an account manager for multinational clients before he became a claim manager in the manufacturing industry. In the fast moving world of finance, communication and negotiation was central to his work. Studying communication at the University of Applied Science Zurich was the next step.

Yet Danny also has a passion for nature and its beauty, its complex range of diverse processes, and humans’ relation with it. The passion for nature became the desire to study nature, which he finally did at ETH Zurich. Already during his Master in Environmental System Science, he started to couple his economic background with his new expertise in a community based project about sustainable management of ecosystems in Vanuatu. Experiencing the value of truly incorporating society for solving complex problems not only convinced him of the inevitability of it but also was crucial for the decision to turn the project into a doctoral thesis and hence to keep on crossing disciplines boundaries.

Danny has gained experience in ComMod projects in Uganda and the Netherlands.

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