Léa Ackerer

Léa Ackerer

Project officer, economy and biodiversity, Office français de la biodiversité

Léa can keep calm in any situation. And she loves a good adventure. Just give her a tree she can climb on.

Léa holds a MSc in Sustainable Development Economics from Paris Dauphine University. She started by working on chimpanzee conservation in Guinea and explored economic models in remote villages to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts in the landscape of Fouta Djallon. There, she used games for the first time, trying to understand dynamics around agriculture, forest use and coexistence with wildlife.

She never stops exploring ways to combine economically sustainable livelihood together with biodiversity conservation. How can people make decisions that benefit both? Léa is currently in French Guyana, where she works with small projects holders who develop innovative business model based on biodiversity conservation. 

Always up for a game, though she is very competitive… You’d rather be on her team.

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