Tina Cornioley

Tina Cornioley

Data Analyst, Kanton Aargau

Tina holds a MSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management from the University of York (UK), and a PhD in Population Ecology from the University of Zurich. After building complex ecological models linking climate change and population dynamics of albatrosses in the frame of her thesis, she returned to a more holistic view of systems, and today focuses her attention on integrating people into her models.

As a research assistant for the ForDev Group at ETH Zurich, Tina supported other group members implementing statistical models addressing issues such as community wildlife management in Colombia, drivers of landscape changes in rural India, and recovery of Chinese forests. She is also involved in public outreach. She designs, implements and coordinates educational games for the general public for the Natural History Museum of Fribourg and the University of Fribourg on alien species.

Discovering that strategic games can be used to analyze and shape decision making processes of stakeholders was a turning point in her career. Since then, she thrives to use games to understand drivers of changes in socio-ecosystems, and to combine them with facilitation methods to elaborate better management strategies balancing conservation and human development.

Is it needed to specify that she is a board-game enthusiast?

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