What we do

What we do

LEAF Inspiring Change helps its clients develop strategies and support transformative change through the association of facilitation techniques and the use of strategy games relevant to the challenges they face. 

Our games range from classical “tragedy of the commons” scenarios, exploring the role of communication, trust and cooperation in strategy development, to games designed to resolve specific environmental, social and economic issues in supply chains or landscapes. 

Our services draw from a background of 30 years of research and development. We have developed, implemented and refined the tools and methods from many different cases around the world

Our engagement assists you to effectively

Our services


Exploring futures

During Short Events

In one or multiple days sessions, we build social skills, explore a particular question, or support decision-making processes. Therefore we draw from our collection of off-the shelf games and tailor them to address the issue at stake and start the process we inspire.


Strategy development to break through business as usual

During Medium-term engagement

From a few weeks to about a year, we accompany you in the process of developing and implementing a strategy to overcome your challenges. This might involve designing a game that suits the situation at stake. We help you use it to explore options and forge new collaborations. We help you to assess their outcomes in a safe environment. This allows to identify a solution that has wide consensus. We then assist you in the formulation of action plans and follow-up the implementation, assessing progress and validating the assumptions made in the strategy formulation.

Participants of the FSC working group voting, Brazzaville August 2017

Transforming systems

Through Long-Term engagement

We facilitate cooperative platforms for you and your associates. We establish a dynamic working environment where you can adaptively respond to emerging changes and promptly develop new strategies. This is based on evolving needs.

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