We believe that better decision-making rests on the capacity to listen and integrate different perspectives in the process.

Our Mission

We inspire transformative action by using strategy games to facilitate stakeholder engagement.

  • We facilitate stakeholder dialogue, where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.
  • We empower people to make informed decisions that are grounded in empathy and understanding.
  • We support teams to co-create impactful strategies and forge alliances.
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Our Approach

We believe that innovative approaches are urgently needed to tackle today’s wicked planetary crises.

Combining strategy games and facilitation techniques for collaborative dialogue, we offer a powerful approach to:

  • Engage stakeholders with conflicting views
  • Navigate inherent complexity and uncertainties
  • Unlock collective intelligence
  • Explore possible future & transform insight into action

Why games?

Using strategy games we help stakeholders to

> UNDERSTAND | Games model causal relationships in the system, bringing to light complexities and trade-offs

> EXPERIENCE | Games make the consequences of your decisions visible and show the long-term impacts

> EXPLORE | Games create room for experimenting, failing, and iterating new ideas & solutions

> REFLECT | After the game, we translate learnings into actionable insights on addressing the real-world problem faced

We use strategy gaming to address real-life issues. Our games have no fixed victory conditions, giving clients the freedom to decide what matters to them and explore innovative solutions, learning from their actions. We facilitate a connection between the gaming world and reality, empowering clients to make better decisions.

What kind of problems do we address?

We address wicked problems, characterized by multiple stakeholders with conflicting perspectives, agendas, uncertainty, and opposing worldviews. These problems cannot be solved conventionally. But they can be addressed. And most of us don’t know how.
Standard handling of wicked problems, such as breaking down the complexity into smaller, easier-to-deal-with components, have proven to be inadequate, leading to setbacks and frustration. 

Our innovative method bridges this gap by facilitating a participatory process and designing strategy games that reflect real-world complexities and incorporate stakeholder perspectives.

Combining human insights and scientific knowledge, we foster adaptive capabilities to confront these challenges. We engage stakeholders in an evolving process of exploration and adaptation until robust solutions emerge.

What we do

Our Offer

Build collective intelligence

Resolve existing conflicts

Reach agreements

Develop effective strategies


Our work is based on years of research and development. 

You can find here scientific publications, articles, videos and blogs about our approach, our methods and our projects.

Interested in collaborating with us for a better future?

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